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Your desktop everywhere

Enjoy the flexibility of the cloud virtual desktop! Keep your favourite operating system and applications on you at all times and access them from any device, wherever you are.

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Install your favourite operating system in just 2 minutes!

  • Linux Mint
    Linux Mint
    20.3 Una
  • Ubuntu
    20.04 LTS
  • Windows 7
    Windows 7
  • Windows 10
    Windows 10
Virtual Machine Like Your Home Desktop

Feel at home

Enjoy the power and flexibility of the cloud without changing your habits; ubiDesktop™ is like carrying your PC with you in your pocket at all times.

From any device

Access your remote virtual desktop from any device including smartphones, tablets and, obviously, your PC. All you need is a RDP or NX client.

Remote Desktops Available from any Device
DaaS Online: Everytime, Everywhere!


An urgent task needs doing but you're not at home/office? All you need in an internet connection and you've got all your data and applications to hand.


When you use your remote virtual desktop you won't leave any trace of your activity on local devices. Finally a solution that really protects you from prying eyes.

Privacy and Confidentiality
Best Performances, Lowest Prices!


It doesn't matter if your PC is old and slow, when you access the remote virtual desktop all the work is done by our super high-performing server.


Take no more risks! Thanks to ubiDesktop™ your data and applications are safe in our data centre, protected against theft and accidental damage.

Safety and Integrity

Available DaaS Plans

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