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ubiDesktop Ltd Technical and Organisational measures

Version date 24/05/2018

This document describes the technical and organisational measures ubiDesktop has implemented to protect Personal Data.

  1. Physical Security
    1. ISO 27001 Certified. The data centres we use are ISO 27001 certified and are some of the most secure facilities in the European Economic Area ("EEA"). Locations are geographically separated and protected from physical and logical attack as well as from natural disaster.
    2. 7x24x365 Security. The data centres that host our services are manned seven days a week, 24 hours a day, each and every day of the year.
    3. Video Monitoring. Each data centre is monitored 7x24x365 using High Definition CCTV.
    4. Controlled Entrance. Access to the data centres is tightly restricted to a small group of pre-authorised individuals.
  2. Operational Security
    1. Secure Communication. All data transmitted to ubiDesktop website is encrypted over HTTPS using TLS protocols with minimum 128-bit keys and using SHA256 certificates ensuring that our users have a secure connection from their browsers to our service. We use the latest, strong ciphers for encryption, message authentication and key exchange mechanism. Known weak and vulnerable ciphers are explicitly disabled with regular protocol reviews.
    2. DDoS. Distributed Denial of Service mitigation technologies are applied by our network provider, while we employ in-built application rate limiting and alerting, which includes protection against brute force login enumeration.
    3. Passwords. User passwords are stored in our database via a one-way cryptographic hashing function with salt. This means that passwords are not stored in plaintext and it is infeasible to reverse engineer the stored value equivalent.
    4. Patch Management. We run a continual patching cycle to ensure that all operating systems, applications and network infrastructure are kept up to date, within agreed timeframes, to mitigate exposure to vulnerabilities.
    5. Vendor Selection. ubiDesktop do not sell, rent or share data with any third party unless previously agreed as part of any contractual arrangement (or any legal or regulatory requirement). However, we do utilise some third party services to help provide our services, in which case we ensure that the security measures in place at those third parties meet, at the very least, the same high security standards we employ ourselves.
  3. Resilience
    1. Equipment Redundancy. ubiDesktop utilises RAID to protect against data corruption on disk, while all system components are configured for high/continuous availability as a core requirement. Additionally, a fully available disaster recovery environment is online at all times to cover the potential risk of a total loss of the primary facility.
    2. Data Replication. Data is replicated to a separate geographic location for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity purposes. Our DR process is fully tested on a quarterly basis with a full switch from our primary to secondary data processing facility.
    3. Data Protection & Backup. Data is backed-up, encrypted and held offsite according to defined retention policies, helping further protect data in the event of hardware failure, disaster, loss or corruption.
    4. Fire Prevention. The ubiDesktop data centres are guarded by industry-standard fire prevention and control systems.